Saturday, October 23, 2010

Making Halloween with Play Dough

Mr. Tall and Lean
likes wearing his black hat
while harvesting orange pumpkins
for eery Halloween.
Beware! O tiny micies,
his stomach isn't fat.
He'll nibble on your friend
until his teeth are clean.
All the while enjoying
their squeaky little scream.

 Making Halloween is fun but you will need a good clay recipe. The cat and mice were made out of Sculpey that can be purchased at a hobby store and then baked in an oven. Unfortunately, it's hard for small hands to work with because of the stiffness. So here is a great play dough recipe that needs to be airdryed before your creations can be painted.

                                         Easy Play Dough Recipe
   2 cups plain/all purpose flour                  1 cup of salt
   1 cup of cold water                                1 tablespoon vegetable oil or baby oil
 Drop ingredients into a plastic bag and seal. Knead together inside the bag, dump out and have fun!

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