Monday, October 18, 2010

Dressing Up

  "Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess." Edna Woolman Chase

  Dressing up is a ladylike thing to do. Gentlemen should, but often complain. There are skinny foxes to be worn around the neck with matching gloves and velvet hats. One can never have too many necklaces especially the ones found from old lady's estate sales! If she has compacts with mirrors, they must be purchased for proper lipstick application. Shoes that are too big will work as long as they are pointy toed, jewelled and of many colors. Have fun with feathers!

  Steamer trunks and old suitcases work perfectly for the well groomed as well as cardboard boxes turned sideways. Some ladies are sensitive to the smells of old things which is why painting the inside of trunks can hide their past. Add fragrant cotton balls that have been sprayed with scented oils.

 Remember, everyone of refined taste must always possess good manners, therefore taking turns in playful conversations must be enforced. It is never in bad taste to overdress! Act always as though the Queen herself should arrive to play.


  1. I always think of you Kathy when I see a steamer trunk. :) good good memories...sniff