Sunday, December 29, 2013

Making Art With Trash

     Do you recycle? Friday morning is the day of the week that the big green trash truck comes on our street to collect newspapers, plastic and cardboard. Last year I had to stomp everything down because all we were given was a small green plastic bin. Two burly young men wearing bright orange sweatshirts would toss our leftovers into the truck. Things have changed and our trash goes into a big plastic container with a lid where it's then picked up by a metal claw that lowers and scoops the container up and into the air and then sets it down again. It's fun to watch but not as fun as making art with throw away objects!

                                             Heart on Glass:
    If you like to paint like we like to paint, your pallet is probably caked on with blobs of paint on top of blobs of paint, hardened but easy to peel off when you run warm water over them. Put them on a paper towel to dry overnight. I glued them in the shape of a heart on velvet paper but you can use construction paper. With cuticle scissors, I cut out shapes to imply wind and movement and then used chalk to highlight
the shapes. It was then glued to a piece of glass from a thrift store and a resin pour was added for the final touch.